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    Role of chiropractic care in car accident injuries

    One of the most important things to do after an auto accident is to consult a chiropractor as soon as possible. A chiropractor specialized in the treatment of auto injuries has the potential to help you heal the quickest and leave you with the least chance of developing long-term issues. After you consult your chiropractor and go through the exam and testing procedures, make sure to carefully follow the instructions they provide as part of the treatment plan. As a chiropractor can best diagnose these specific types of injuries, he or she can also recommend the best possible solutions. A chiropractor is commonly recognized as the best equipped health-care provider to help resolve your neck injuries, back injuries, soft tissue damage and other problems that occur as a result of your auto accident.

    Research has shown that most soft tissue injuries actually occur in low speed auto accidents. It is reported that a speed as low as 2.5 miles per hour can cause neck injuries and sometimes fractures as well. The most common of these injuries is whiplash.

    Although standard automobiles have bumpers and shock absorbers which are designed to withstand the force of about 5 miles per hour, the human body cannot always withstand even that degree of energy transfer. The consequences are neck and back injuries, soft tissue injuries and many other problems. If the vehicle cannot handle or absorb the force, the passengers inside the vehicle will ultimately absorb it.

    There are some injuries that are not visible at the time of accident, and in some cases are never treated at all. All too often the proper healing process is never encouraged to occur. These injuries include damage to soft tissues, muscles, and discs, and they can create pain and debilitation for years if not properly attended to. These injuries can also produce many types of physical issues such as headaches, chronic muscle tension and spasms, neck pain, stiffness, lower back pain, spinal disc degeneration, inflamed arthritis and even depression.

    Due to the mechanics of soft tissue injuries it is common for the pain and other side effects of the accident to not manifest until a few days after the accident. What makes matters even worse, joint injuries in auto accidents may produce post-traumatic osteoarthritis, which means speeding up arthritis activity, which sometimes develops earlier than most people who have not had injuries following an automobile accident.

    Going to the chiropractor is the first step in the right direction after you have been in a vehicle accident. A doctor of chiropractic is the one health care provider who can determine and diagnose your injuries and provide the right course of treatment to help heal them.