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    Finding Medical Care in Arizona after Auto Accident Injuries

    So, you were involved in a car crash and reported it to the appropriate authorities. You may or may not have thought that you suffered any injuries at that time but now after few days you are feeling pain or stiffness. Where you should go for treatment? Finding the right health care provider following a car accident is very important, because most doctors do not focus on the specific injuries that are sustained in a motor vehicle accident. For instance, certain treatments can be extremely helpful and greatly speed up your recovery time while other types of treatments may actually hinder your overall progress.

    If you are still at the site of the accident and are in discomfort, seek instant medical attention. The police are there to assist you. If you require an ambulance, they’ll call for one. Even if you know you’re feeling okay, it still may be necessary to seek out medical care at the time of the accident, just to be sure. Emergency room doctors are trained to search for severe injuries including brain trauma and internal bleeding.

    Make sure you follow the recommendations of the physicians after your discharge from the hospital and follow up with your primary care physician or chiropractor. Especially consult the latter if you are having neck or back pains or think you may have injured your spine.

    You may want to ask the emergency room doctors for a suggestion for a chiropractor who specializes in car accidents and injuries arising from them (or you can use the contact number on the home page of this site). You can also ask the primary care physician for recommendations on how to treat yourself, if the injuries were not too severe. Word-of-mouth referrals are also good basis of information when it comes to searching for a good physician or chiropractor.

    Local chiropractic and medical associations are also an appropriate starting point for finding proper professionals in your area. These are non-biased associations that can recommend a good doctor based on your specific problems. Their goal is to provide the best possible care in their area and they can often guide you to a health care professional that is close to your own location too.

    With the continuously increasing value of the internet and social media (sites such as Yelp, Twitter and Facebook), anyone can find a reputable doctor or at least post a query to their friends or ‘tweet’ their followers asking for suggestions to a good chiropractor and/or medical doctor who is specialized in injuries related to auto accidents.