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    Chiropractic care for work injuries

    A chiropractor is different from a medical physician. A chiropractor looks at your whole body while treating you whereas a physician typically only looks at the area of injury. A chiropractor does not prescribe medication; he looks at stress factors, accidents, sports injuries, trips and falls, workplace accidents, etc., all of which may lead up to the body (nervous system) not operating properly, thus causing pain.

    The human body has an innate ability to naturally heal itself following many – if not most – injuries. A chiropractor’s method of treatment relies upon this fact. Chiropractors use this self-healing ability of the human body to treat their patients by essentially freeing up problem areas of the body that are hindering a patient’s ability to heal himself. If a person has a healthy nervous system, they are often able to fight disease natural and heal their own injuries.

    If you place too much strain on your back while lifting, it is possible for you to exhaust your nervous system which could lead to injury and delayed healing of that injury. This can lead to further misalignment, spinal injury, joint stiffness and so on.

    Subluxations occur between joints (such as joints of the spine) when these joints do not move correctly in respect to the adjacent joints. It is the chiropractor’s job to locate subluxations and to help restore these joints to their original form and function. These subluxations may also involve tenderness, numbness, swelling, nerve damage, tingling, spasms, pain, etc., in conjunction with the joints of the back, arms, neck, shoulders, and spine. Chiropractic is extremely successful in the evaluation and treatment of spinal subluxations.