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    Treating Back Injuries in Arizona after a Car Accident

    After reporting your auto accident to the local police, the next most important thing you should do is seek medical help and advice. If you are feeling neck pain you are probably suffering from whiplash (which may not show up until a day or two later). In case of neck or back pain, you should consult a chiropractor immediately. If you cannot find a chiropractor at the time, you should put ice on the injured areas for 15 minutes on, followed by 15 minutes off, for up to 72 hours post- accident.

    You will want a properly trained chiropractor or medical doctor to determine the nature and the extent of the injuries and provide a diagnosis, and perhaps a treatment plan. Sometimes the problems are simple and a minor diagnosis will result in the prescription of rest, ice and home exercises. Rest is important to give the injuries time to heal, and the more rest you get during this time, the better your outlook for recovery will be.

    Besides icing and rest, you really should seek the help and services of a chiropractor at the earliest possible time if you continue to have pain, stiffness and other complications after a couple of days post-accident. Evaluation of the wounds, minute fractures and muscle injuries are important not only for the treatment and healing process, but also for post-accident documentation and treatment.

    Make sure that you also stay relaxed and remain hydrated. The healing of whiplash and back pain injuries require a high amount of energy, so you need to focus on diet as well as rest to meet the growing energy demands of your body.