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    Recovering After a Car Accident in Arizona

    Car accidents are often much more traumatic to the body than we initially consider them to be, even when the collision is relatively minor. You’ll find that at first you’ll be shaken up a bit but, the most natural thing to initially be concerned with is the damage caused to both vehicles. At the same time, you make sure that the opposite driver is okay. Usually at that point you call the police to come and report the accident. Depending on the severity of the accident obviously, some people will undergo medical care immediately. However, a vast majority of people do not originally notice any issues at all since they are shaken up and concerned about the damage to their vehicles. But, often just a day or two after the accident you will wake up to find that you do have extreme neck and/or back pain and stiffness. This is commonly referred to as “delayed onset of symptoms”. This condition will prompt many to seek out medical care right away and rightfully so!

    If you feel any pain in any part of the body after the car collision, consult your primary care doctor or chiropractor. Both of them should suggest a course of treatment which must be acted and not ignored. An unfulfilled treatment plan prescribed due to a motor vehicle accident can create SERIOUS long term pain and other subsequent physical problems if not properly followed through. A properly trained doctor and experienced in auto accident injuries recognizes that neck and back pain can be the result of internal bleeding due to the microscopic muscle tears that occurred at the moment of impact.

    Your first step is to ice down the wounds for seventy two hours after the accident. Your goal is to decrease the blood flow initially and decrease the inflammation that is causing you pain. Step two is to make sure you get a lot of rest, but do not just lie completely still. Light exercise is recommended and especially a cardio exercise that slightly moves the muscles and tissues. Finally, stay hydrated. This is essential to meet your body’s increased fluid needs in order to start healing the injured areas.

    While it is certainly possible that you may be a victim of nerve damage, you may also suffer from restlessness, anxiety, and a jittery feeling – after the occurrence of an auto accident. A doctor or other health professional may recommend that you relax and take things easy for a few days, avoid work, and just let your body start to recover from the injuries. After those first couple of days when the acute pain has started to subside, chiropractic care is very often indicated to insure that the muscles heal properly, and quickly, and with the goal of minimizing any long term disability or ongoing pain issues.