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    Whiplash Treatment in Arizona after a Car Accident

    Whiplash injuries and the accompanying neck pain often become the source of many other problems. These problems can include: pinched nerves and nerve damage, ruptured ligaments, damaged blood vessels, hematomas, fractures in the spine and a myriad of other joints injuries. If you are in pain following an accident you should seek medical treatment or the assistance of a chiropractor who is specialized and experienced in the treatment of motor vehicle injuries. Even if there is no pain it may still be advised to get checked out just to rule out any hidden injuries. A health professional, like a properly trained chiropractor, would be able to locate injuries and suggest a plan for treatment.

    Both an MD and a chiropractor can suggest some quick solutions just to relieve the pain, pressure and stiffness. They might also recommend and refer you for x-rays, MRI, CT scan or other appropriate medical tests in order to uncover the exact location and nature of the injuries. The eventual goal of all diagnostics and treatments will be to reduce pain and restore normal function to the muscles, shoulders, back and neck. By doing so you will minimize the chances of chronic (long-term) pain.

    After evaluating and determining the severity of the injuries the chiropractor will suggest the appropriate course of treatment. Sometimes this will consists of merely icing the injured tissues regularly for 72 hours. In some cases your spine may require adjustments and manipulation by the chiropractor to induce motion, break apart fixations and correct subluxations caused by the injured and spasmed tissues.

    Neck Injuries and whiplash are commonly caused by a rear-end collision which causes trauma to the neck and back muscles. The neck injury results in a tight, stiff feeling that is unfortunately often hard to get rid of. The earlier you take medical action the better! At a minimum you will want to ice the affected areas. You may also want to take an aspirin or ibuprofen. The consequences of these types of injuries are often inflammation of muscles and ligaments that support the neck. So, while you wait to meet with a chiropractor or medical doctor, taking a pain reliever will hopefully at least reduce your overall discomfort somewhat.

    Whiplash injuries may also result in other complications such as pinched nerves, headaches, low back pain, shoulder and arm injury and other personal injuries. So, listening to your doctor and following the prescribed treatment can help you heal faster and avoid the long term consequences that could arise from whiplash.