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    Getting paid for medical expenses after a car accident in Arizona

    So you’ve been in a car accident and have consulted a doctor (medical doctor and/or chiropractor) due to either some minor or major injuries sustained. The question naturally arises, how will these medical expenses get paid? Regardless of who was guilty or at fault you will be required to gather all your medical bills and submit them to your insurance company. In most cases you will receive separate bills from the hospital, chiropractor and emergency room/ambulance.

    Always make copies of your medical bills and submit them to your insurance carrier. Make sure you have sufficient documentation regarding your crash or collision, such as the police officer’s auto accident report. Take photos of the accident site. Was there another vehicle involved? Was it at an intersection? Were there witnesses? If so, get the statements from them about the accident. Of course, if you have retained the services of an attorney then he or she will be taking care of most of these details for you.

    Was there a pedestrian close by at the time of accident? What time of day was it when the accident took place? What were the road conditions? All these questions can be ascertained by the policeman on the scene who is there to make a record of all the facts. In all cases it’s always best to have as much information regarding the accident as possible.

    The more information, evidence, and witnesses you have to provide to the insurance company (or your attorney), the greater the chances are that you will be compensated for your medical and other expenses. Documentation of the day of the accident (whether you went by ambulance to the hospital or by yourself to the doctor) will be needed to adequately process your claim.

    Most importantly, make sure you have current auto insurance and health insurance, so you don’t get stuck with all the bills yourself (assuming you are the one at-fault).