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    Preventing Back Injuries

    The simplest solution to decrease the chances of having back pain is to exercise daily. Just 15 to 20 minutes of consistent exercise can help you avoid a back injury. Cardiovascular exercise is one method and weightlifting will provide another major benefit as well. Some cardio exercises include brisk running, swimming, and cycling. Remember to engage in warm up exercises before you work out for a few minutes by stretching and expanding your muscles. This will prepare your body for the exercises you are going to start. And when you have finished, don’t forget to cool yourself down with further stretching.

    Sleep and the type furniture you sit and sleep on play key roles in avoiding back pain. Make sure that you receive good lumbar support from your chairs and bed so when sitting or resting that you are easing the muscles of your back opposed to damaging them even more.

    Could you stand to lose a few pounds? Excess weight results in excess burden on the back, particularly the lower back. Losing a small amount of weight can dramatically help alleviate your back pain.

    Of course, get a recommendation from a chiropractor and/or a medical doctor who specializes in auto accident injury treatment. Chiropractors have received training in the skill of spinal manipulation to keep the spine in proper alignment. By doing so they can help prevent as well as heal injuries. However, if you do have an episode of back pain, do not make the mistake of waiting too long before consulting a chiropractor or a medical doctor. By acting quickly you might also reduce the possibility of having an exacerbation, ending up with a worse condition than you started with. A chiropractor will send you to another specialized doctor if your injury cannot be treated by their techniques or not within their field of expertise.